Vito Manolo Roma

I’m a member of Soul Finger with whom I select vinyl records of Soul, Funk, Rhythm&Blues and Rocksteady in Milan, Italy.
I’m a supporter of the city jargon and «black» culture as the origin of all things.
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Pasted Up! In collaboration with Solomostry — March 2019, Fiti Store, Milano

Night Of The Fanzines — September 2018, Circolo IAM, Milano

Mosh Pit Show — September 2017, Galo Art Gallery, Torino

Va Tutto Bene Solo Exhibition — July 2017, Galleria Lampo

The Arcades: Contemporary Art and Walter Benjamin — March 2017,  The Jewish Museum NYC

Against the Governments of War — December 2015, O. C., Catania

La Bellezza fa 40 — April 2015, Castello Carlo V, Lecce

Sostiene Sankara — March 2014, Fabbrica del Vapore, Milano

Manifesta (with Guido Scarabottolo) — May 2013,  Spazio B**K, Milano

L’antitempo — August 2012,  Malacarne, Verona

Doppiosenso / Tarik Mouzdawej — October 2011,  Beirut

Nella luce, nell’ombra — March 2007, spaziosdenzatitolo, Roma